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  • Seshathri , MBA (2012 – 2014)

    Sculpturing is fine art where an sculpturer think it,sketch it,imagine it to make the sculpture as per his visioned image & also he should be provided with good atmosphere to acquire knowledge along with a platform to portray the art. 

    Like first water drop on earth i entered TSBL with a very pure and fresh mindset to learn the field of logistics.Where the vetarans from the industry shared the knowledge in a good way which can be understood even by a moderate student.

    Subject knowledge through classes helped to dip in by knowing the basic key structures of the subject whereas internship and assignments made me too deep dive in the field.The interactive sessions made to bring out various types of views and perception from friends.

    The tasks which has been allocated where really a lively experience to do on the field which made me to understand how the whole process of supplychain & logistics were structured in the industry.The scopes of management is really briefed in course which also provided me to know the infinite opportunities in our field.Periodical feedback and guidelines from the faculties were really helpful for the progress.

    A space was provided to participate in various competitions which given a platform to showcase our talents and also enriched our teamspirit.By participating in projects ,internships,competitions given a splendid way of analyzing even the microscopic aspects of the field which was my live experience.This also enabled us to bring in pragmatic approach to the lively situations and resolving it.

    Thus TSBL provided all basic requirements to built in a great future with refined guidelines tuned with great exposure in the field of management.Apart from this we are keen to learn many things related to industry which we felt lacking in our self the industry expectation is in high standard so requesting the management to give suitable stuffs to students and make us as real professionals…

    Seshathri, Student , MBA (2012-2014) TSBL - CHENNAI
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