We are living in a digital world.

New Products and Services are designed, engineered and developed to match the rapidly changing customer demands for better experiences.

Industries are transitioning towards the fourth industrial revolution termed – INDUSTRY 4.0.

So far, this is how industry has evolved :

Industry-1.0 (1760 – 1840) ~ 80 Years
Mechanical Systems powered the first industrial revolution.

Industry-2.0 (1840 – 1969) ~ 129 Years
Electrical Systems powered the second industrial revolution

Industry 3.0 (1969 – 2012) ~ 43 Years
Information Systems powered the third industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 (2012 – now) ~ 8+ Years
Data Systems is powering the fourth industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 is transforming businesses practices to adopt the following technologies to design, engineer and develop innovative products and services for better consumer/user experiences.

1. Autonomous Robots
2. 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)
3. Big Data and Analytics
4. Supply Chain Systems (System Integration)
5. Industrial Internet of Things
6. Augmented Reality
7. Simulation and Virtualization
8. Cybersecurity
9. Cloud Computing

Building a career in the era of Industry 4.0 requires on-the-job training and real-time learning.

We, at “tsbl’ provide real-time learning opportunities through Subject Matter Experts, Industry Veterans, and Principal Consultants.

If you aspire to invest your efforts to learn and grow in your career, you are welcome to join our Post Graduate Programmes.

Happy learning.

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