Founder & Chairman

Let me thank you for your interest in “the school of business logistics”, chennai

“tsbl” has its roots in singapore ; and carries the legacy of “pmc school of logistics” which was established in the year 1998.

Today, “pmc school of logistics” continues to support universities in developing skill-based curriculum and to deliver them.

Since its incorporation in India in the year 2004, I have insisted on one cardinal rule, anything we do must be ingrained with the best possible quality that we can provide at an affordable cost.

I am proud to say that I founded “tsbl” in India at Chennai to build a platform for entrepreneurs, students and professionals to provide industry relevant business education.

We are pleased to inform that the programmes of “tsbl” is jointly offered in collaboration with Alagappa University, Karaikudi.

I witness vast changes in the landscape of business education in this country. This main change has been the need to shift the focus in the way business practices is taught to the management students.

Today, it is increasingly more evident that the cornerstone of success is not the stone itself but the people that carve it.

Come, Get Your Future Carved.



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