MBA – Business Analytics

11Management Concepts and Practices2575100
12Accounting for Business Analysts2575100
13Spreadsheet Modeling2575100
14Statistics for Business2575100
15Economic Analysis  for Business Decisions2575100
16Research Methodology2575100
17Written Analysis and Communication2575100
21Marketing Management2575100
22Human Resource Management2575100
23Financial Management2575100
24Project Management and Budgeting2575100
25Fundamentals of Digital Marketing2575100
26Fundamentals of Business Analytics2575100
27Consumer Behaviour2575100
31DBMS and Data Warehousing2575100
32Multivariate Data Analysis -I2575100
33Time Series Econometrics2575100
34Data Mining for Business Analytics2575100
35Internship and Report2575100
36Business Law and Ethics2575100
41Multivariate Data Analysis – II2575100
42Predictive Modeling using SAS2575100
43Analytics with R2575100
44Big Data Analytics2575100
45Project Work and Viva-Voce2575100